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Maui Mana'o: Episode 13 (2015 Session Episode 3)

Aloha Kakou

Now that the legislature has adjourned, we can recap for you some of the bills that passed and have either been signed into law by the Governor or await his signature. We can also give you an infographic on the State's $26 billion budget so that you can see, by category, how the money is allocated.

The Governor has until July 15 to either sign, veto or allow a bill to become law without his signature. After that date we will know which bills have become law and which will not.

Our goal for the 2015 session was met with the passage of the SB 892, SD2, HD3, CD1, the Hawai'i Resilience and Sustainability Strategy. Taking the long view, we hope to improve Hawai'i's critical infrastructure as well as pro- vide enough broadband for everyone to thrive.

During the interim, I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to develop our Program of Action for the 2016 legislative session. I hope to build on the work of the Hawai'i Resilience and Sustainability Strategy in order to move us into a brighter future.

Read about these matters in the June 15 issue of our newsletter

2015 Legislative Accomplishmentsof the Hawaii State Senate

Bills Passed by the Hawaii State Legislature, Regular Session of 2015, as of May 7, 2015

Resolutions Adopted by the Hawaii State Legislature, Regular Session of 2015, as of May 7, 2015

Bills Enacted by the Hawaii State Legislature Regular Session of 2015, as of July 14, 2015

Bills Vetoed by the Governor, as of July 14, 2015

2015 Legislative Reports - Volume 15

Issue 10 - June 15  NEW
Issue 9 - May 15
Issue 8 - April 30
Issue 7 - April 15
Issue 6 - March 31
Issue 5 - March 15
Issue 4 - March 1
Issue 3 - Febuary 15
Issue 2 - January 31
Issue 1 - January 15

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Bills introduced by Senator J. Kalani English

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