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June 1, 2017

Now, that the 29th Legislature has adjourned, my colleagues and I have more time to spend in our communities and focus directly on its specific needs. Currently, Rat Lungworm disease has forced our district to take action to curb its increase among us.

Also, at this time, we review and examine the bills and resolutions that were passed, such as the $28 billion biennium budget as well as other major issues that remain. This is also the period when the Governor is reviewing the bills we passed. So, we wait in anticipation to see which bills will become law.

As we move forward into the Legislative interim, my staff and I remain dedicated to serving the people of Maui, Moloka'i and Lāna'i.

2017 Legislative Reports - Volume 17

Issue 1 - January 31
Issue 2 - February 15
Issue 3 - March 1
Issue 4 - March 15
Issue 5 - April 1
Issue 6 - April 5 - Special Edition on Rat Lungworm Disease
Issue 7 - April 15
Issue 8 - April 29 - Special Update on Rat Lungworm Disease
Issue 9 - May 1
Issue 10 - June 1 NEW

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